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Ironless Driver™ Technology

At Cleer, we believe you deserve the best technology at a great price. We’re also seasoned industry vets that know not every headphone or speaker is created equally. We’d like to share why our patented Ironless Driver technology is superior to other dynamic driver technologies and the benefits our consumers receive from it.

Our patented “ironless” magnet configuration allows for more fluid and free-flowing diaphragm movement, drastically reducing distortion across all frequencies, particularly in the upper frequency range. This approach produces more prominent mids and clear, detailed highs that aren’t harsh. It also enables us to create tight, melodic bass notes that compliments the mids and highs produced. Another benefit of our Ironless Driver™ Technology is the efficiency with low distortion, producing a 92dB and a nominal impedance of 16-Ohms making our 40mm drivers easier to amplify with cell phones while still compatible with DACs, DAPs and more extensive set ups.

Check out the video and see how our Ironless DriverTM Technology works:


Surpassing conventional soft-iron, single magnet designs, the NEXT headphones employ a patented Ironless motor assembly paired with a proprietary magnesium diaphragm for an emotional listening experience.


Patented Ironless technology tackles complex distortion via 20 strategically layered, rare-earth magnets for effective voice coil control and efficient translation of electrical impulse into composed and expressive sound.


The Solution: (Next & Flow) Patented Ironless driver w/ 20 Rare-Earth Radial Magnet Structure.

The result…less than half the distortion across the audio spectrum and up to 6 times less distortion in the critical upper midrange region.

(Next) 40mm Magnesium Alloy Hard Dome with Polyurethane Surround that results in low mass, high-rigidity, and high internal damping.


EVEN at high sound pressure levels the Total Harmonic Distortion of the Ironless driver equals that of the amplifier in the critical midrange region (.01%-.03%). It is about three times better across the board.

The NEXT driver’s distortion hovers between about 0.1 – 0.3% all the way from 20Hz up to 20kHz at 100dB playback levels.

By comparison, a similar conventional driver has more than twice the distortion: about 0.5 – 0.6% at many points between 20Hz and 20kHz. In the worst case, distortion rises to over 2% in the critical upper midrange (around 7kHz).


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